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How do I start building my custom home?

  1. Determine your budget and obtain financing if needed.  We can refer you to a qualified mortgage broker.
  2. Find your building lot.  The cost of the lot, the lot development costs and the cost of construction should be less than the market value of the finished home in your neighborhood.  We can help you during this critical step in your land purchase.  Prior to purchasing your lot you should also determine any special planning or building codes that apply to your specific site and location.  Working with a good real estate agent is critical.
  3. Choose the floor plan of your new home! Begin with our Pre-Engineered Plans to see which fits your site and lifestyle.  Revising these standard plans is easy to do or you can design the Custom Plan of your dreams with our assistance or with your own architect and engineer.  This is the time period that with our help you will need to make the tough decisions.  Remember pencil and paper are cheap - wood and concrete are not!
  4. With our guidance you will submit your plans and documentation to your local Building Department for their approval prior to being able to obtain your building permit. (Note: some areas also have an extensive Planning Approval.)  During this time period you will also be making many important decisions such as are you going to act as an owner/builder or hire a general contractor to complete your home?  What kind of interior and exterior finishes do you want in your new home?  Keeping a notebook or other method of organizing your project can make the building of your new home more enjoyable and less costly.
  5. When your plans are approved you are ready to start your foundation and order your panelized home package.  Approximately six weeks later the exciting day arrives when you meet the trucks at your site and they start unloading your new framing package.  If the foundation and sub-floor are done it is not unusual on that first day for many of the wall panels to be erected and you can stand looking out your kitchen window ........imagining someone else doing the dishes!
Building a custom home using a framing package
fully engineered plans or completely custom plans


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Design and Factory Construction of a Panelized Home